Suddenlink’s New, Improved Customer Help Site


Suddenlink has launched a new help site to provide its customer with faster access to more comprehensive, updated, and easier-to-navigate information on company products and services.

When visiting the site, customers will first be asked to enter their zip code in order to review information relevant to them. After entering their zip code, they’ll see a main page with a series of informational categories such as “Billing,” “Television,” “Internet,” and so on. Within each category, they’ll see a list of the five topics most often requested by other site visitors. If they don’t find the information they’re looking for among those five topics, they can use advanced search capabilities to zero in on the answers they seek.

This new resource is the result of a collaborative effort between Suddenlink’s Customer Experience and Information Technology Teams, which together invested more than a thousand hours assembling and organizing the information, and constructing and programming the site.