Saturday’s Saints-Cowboys Showdown

Because we serve customers in both Louisiana and Texas, we can’t pick sides in Saturday’s NFL game between the Saints and Cowboys, so we’ll simply wish both teams our very best.

That game will be on local broadcast TV in Dallas and New Orleans, so our customers in the Dallas TV market will be able to watch it. (While we have customers in many parts of Louisiana, we don’t have any in the New Orleans TV market.)

For everyone else, the game will be on the NFL Network, which we continue to seek an agreement to add to our channel line up. As indicated last month, the NFL Network made us an offer in late September, which we verbally accepted. After exchanging contract drafts, the NFL Network withdrew the offer we had accepted.

It’s all very frustrating, to say the least. Still, we would very much like to add the NFL Network to our line up and we remain open to continued negotiations with them — focusing on the offer we already accepted, or any of the other, multiple attempts we’ve made to reach an agreement with them.