NFL Network Update

Following negotiations this summer, the NFL Network made Suddenlink an offer in late September. We verbally accepted that offer, started exchanging contract drafts, and were ready to move forward with adding their network to our channel line ups.

Then, the NFL Network withdrew the offer we had accepted.

A few weeks later, the NFL returned with a new proposal that included unacceptable costs and conditions.

To say we are frustrated would be an understatement. However, we remain open to continued discussions and a new offer from the NFL Network, including the offer that we already accepted or any of the other offers we have previously made to them.


  1. Dennis says

    Greedy will get you nowhere. I guess Direct TV must be paying them [NFL Network] off to keep the monoply going.

  2. Nathan says

    I would like to see Suddenlink get the word out to the public that the NFL network backed out on the original deal. I am sure people are still leaving cable for dish because of the perception cable is at fault.

    For that reason, I’d like to see Suddenlink turn the tables on the NFL and tell the real story.

  3. Dirl Cunningham says

    I am starting to get very aggravated. I had to miss some good football games last year and I was told last month by a suddenlink employee that the NFL network is going to be added and now I find out that it will probably not happen! I moved to Enid a little over a year ago from Tulsa and I had Cox communications and they had the NFL Network … What’s up with that? I would also like to see more HD channels, that is why I bought an HD TV.

    • SFYI Editor says

      Two years ago, we asked the NFL to consider offering us the deal they made with Cox in Oklahoma. The NFL responded that the Cox deal was “not available anymore.” Background here.

      Regarding HD channels: We are currently in the process of implementing an expansive capital investment program to (among other things) increase the number of HD services we can offer. More details will be announced as that program nears completion in each affected community. Stay tuned.

    • FYI Editor says

      Actually, a number of major cable companies have not yet been allowed to carry NFL Network, including Time Warner, the second largest cable company in the nation.

  4. Bo Alexander says

    The NFL can stick their “special” games. I will not change cable companies or go to satellite. If Suddenlink get the NFL network then good for them but the NFL, Jerry Jones and the other greedy b*st*rds can stick it. I am not paying for it.

  5. KP says

    I know in previous years NFL Network games were broadcast on local channels in markets that didn’t carry NFL Network if that market’s team was playing. Is that still the policy? In other words, will Louisiana and Texas Suddenlink customers be able to watch the Saints-Cowboys game in December on a local channel? Also, is video-on-demand still being put into new markets? We’ve been waiting on it for quite a while in Alexandria, LA, and I haven’t noticed an update regarding VOD on this website in a long time.

    • FYI Editor says

      To the best of our knowledge, TV stations in the markets that the respective NFL teams call “home” will continue to have access to the affected games — and thus, Suddenlink cable systems that carry those TV stations should also have access to the games, if those cable systems are also located in the team’s home market (TV market).

      Regarding VOD, we are planning to further expand the availability of this service and will share specific expansion news as it is confirmed.

      • Bo Alxander says

        The Cowboys home market is only in the Dallas area. We are miles and miles away. Midland does not have any Dallas area TV stations and if we did NFL rules would prevent telecast of games here. I am not aware of any VOD for pro football games. If you Mr Editor have any VOD info please do share.

        Thank you

      • FYI Editor says

        Bo — You’re right about the TV stations in your area, and no, I’m not aware of pro football games being available on VOD. Also, for what it’s worth, my reference to VOD was in response to KP’s question about when that service might be launched in KP’s area, separate from any discussion about NFL/NFL Network. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Bo Alxander says

    Is there anything that the subscribers to Suddenlink can do to help get this NFL Network problem solved?

    Email, petitions, angry phone calls, etc. etc?

    • FYI Editor says

      We always welcome customers contacting the NFL Network and encouraging them to agree to any one of the many offers that Suddenlink has accepted or proposed.

  7. Valdez says

    Any chance this gets resolved before the Dallas – New Orleans game or will I have to wait another year to watch the Cowboys on the NFL Network?

    • FYI Editor says

      That would sure be nice. The decision re: one or more local stations televising the game is entirely up to the NFL Network and those local stations.

  8. Bo Alxander says

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the local stations to work something out with the nfl. I don’t think the fat cats at the nfl (Jerry Jones, Danny Snyder, etc. etc) are interested in working anything out. Thy are trying to squeeze the cable networks. It is all about the $$$$$ and not about the game or the fans.

  9. Anonymous says

    The endgame will be that all NFL games will be ONLY on the NFL Network, at a VERY expensive PPV price.

    I wonder if that’ll kill the goose that laid the NFL golden egg – the FAN.

    • Bo Alxander says

      If all of the nfl games went to ppv then they would loose me as a fan. I’m not paying anything above and beyond my current bill for the nfl.

  10. Bo Alexander says

    Does anyone want to bet that the next set of talks will result in the same non action by the NFL?

  11. John Grist says

    Now that the NFL has announced its fall schedule, is there anything new to report on Suddenlink/NFL Network negotiations? Or will I have to spend Christmas night at a Sports Bar in order to see the Cowboys/Cardinals game in Amarillo.

  12. James Harper says

    Forget the NFL network. I hope they wont even be around much longer. They only have about 10 games in total per year! The rest of their programming is crap. Most of us seem to be Dallas fans. Is it worth the money that the NFL network is requesting so you can see the 1 Cowboys game they show? No! Costs have to be past down to the consumers and I dont want an increase in my rate for a single Cowboys game.

  13. Sam says

    I watch the NFL channel all the time at my son’s house and enjoy it. Come on suddenlink – get this done. If I had any other option you would not be my cable provider! Why are you the hold out! How many more years do we not get the draft – the daily news, the commentary, the GAMES! What is wrong with you?
    I have at least 15 customers that in my community that have switched to Dist or Direct. Too bad I face north and cant use satellite or I would be gone too.

  14. Stephen says

    I know from several years of experience that Suddenlink is not to blame for the NFL network not being added. The NFL wants an arm and a leg just to add their channel and then the cable provider has to pay even more to have rights to show the three or four games a year that is on NFL network. It is truly almost not worth it for Suddenlink, granted I love the NFL network but I get everything on ESPN or that I would from NFL network. Someone stated he couldnt watch the draft, well the NFL draft is aired on primetime ESPN, and just replayed over and over on NFL network, and their is only 3-4 NFL games a year on NFL network starting in the latter part of the season, One on Thanksgiving, Christmas and two saturday night games. Yeah it would be nice to watch some of those but just because Suddenlink gets to ink a deal doesnt mean that we get to watch those if the NFL wont give us the rights to watch them. I have become very frustrated with Professional sports in general because it has turned into such a greedy money driven ordeal. It used to be about the fans and about the game, now its just about the dollar signs and what they can do to make more.

  15. Kerry says

    We enjoyed watching the NFL network at our previous residence … I hope suddenlink will find ways to catch up. Securing the NFL network would be a good start.