More VOD to Go Around

We’ve tripled the capacity of our video-on-demand (VOD) platform — from more than 3,000 to approximately 10,000 hours — in all Suddenlink VOD markets in the south-central U.S., with a comparable capacity expansion planned for later this year in other Suddenlink VOD markets such as those in West Virginia.

We have also started the process of negotiating incremental content to fill this expanded capacity, notably a slate of “free on demand” selections from the fall season of NBC Universal’s broadcast and cable networks, including these new and returning series:

    Community (NBC)
    Mercy (NBC)
    Trauma (NBC)
    The Biggest Loser (NBC)
    The Office (NBC)
    Parks and Recreation (NBC)
    Heroes (NBC)
    Southland (NBC)
    Destination Truth (Syfy)
    Stargate Universe (Syfy)
    Scare Tactics (Syfy)
    Sanctuary (Syfy)