Facebook Challenges Twitter


Facebook may have decided to be more like Twitter

… Several [Facebook] users were notified yesterday that they were being given access to the project site as testers for a new concept that was basically a slimmed down version of Facebook that had its focus on friend updates — kind of like the tweets on a Twitter profile page.

Hedging our bets, Suddenlink is active on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to this blog. We are also active on a variety of user forums across the Web. You know the rule: Go where your customers are.


  1. Odzysk Danych says

    Oh no… I know that this could give Facebook another boost against Twitter but I was hoping that FB will not become another spammer tool to earn more money from sending spam. Twitter is just not fighting enough to delete accounts that are there only to send spam but there are also many accounts of people who are there for legal advertising only. This is no crime but makes this social networking system more social advertising system.