Monitoring Internet Usage

Netgear will introduce a router that tracks how much data Internet users are downloading and uploading.

In Clovis, N.M., Suddenlink is testing its own version of an online usage monitoring tool for customers who are interested. More information here.

Per results in Clovis, we will consider expanding this tool to other markets.


  1. Buty Pilar says

    Don’t really see the point. I mean there’s tons of software that does that. Although maybe it could make sense for some companies to make sure that the employees don’t use the bandwith for inappropriate stuff (like pirating movies or software).

  2. eva buttrick says

    i don’t remember my suddenlink username and password. need to check usage, internet is very slow. might have a virus

    • FYI Editor says

      If you believe you have a virus, you should run a diagnostic program or contact a PC specialist right away. In the meantime, I will check and get back to you as soon as possible on what to do when you’ve forgotten both username and password for