Online TV Viewing: Conflicted Trend

Emerging trends may never be as cut-and-dried simple as they might first appear. Case in point:

… when looking at the data among online streaming users emerging from Nielsen’s new convergence panel, some interesting – and seemingly contradictory – patterns begin to emerge. During the period tracked — November 2008 through March 2009 — Nielsen found that 30% did cut at least part of their TV cords, shifting a greater share of their viewing to online video. But almost as many — 29% — cut some of their broadband cords too, shifting some share of their online video streaming usage to TV viewing. Forty-one percent experienced no change.


  1. Diety says

    Nielsen’s ratings should definitely take into account the show views on hulu and dvd-sales. People these days don’t like to watch tv which means that good shows are getting cancelled just because people are watching it online.