TV Screen Beats Computer Screen

And it does so nearly 99 percent of the time according to this post by Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee:

According to Nielsen’s latest Three Screen Report, the average American watched 153 hours of television a month in the first quarter of 2009, a new all-time high, besting the previous quarter’s record. Nielsen also said that almost 99 percent of all video watched in the U.S. is done on a television.

There’s more, if you’re interested — in Albrecht’s post and his source.


  1. Gun Cabinets says

    When television first into American culture it dramatically changed the American way of life. While we may not be there yet, I really can’t imagine us not eventually shifting our video watching to the internet. With websites like hulu and youtube more and more people are watching their videos there. Still, for now, the numbers speak the truth.