NFL Network News

Given the recent news about a deal between Comcast and the NFL Network — which allows Comcast to carry the NFL Network as part of its digital service — we are following up with NFL executives to discuss what new options might now be available to Suddenlink and its customers.

While we obviously cannot make promises at this point, we remain open to adding the NFL Network to our line up in a manner that is fair to all of our customers — and we will let everyone know if we are able to reach an agreement that allows us to do that.


  1. Ron says

    Forget the NFL. They are overpriced, prima-donnas like their players. Sick of the crooks that play and run that game altogether.

  2. dh85 says

    Honestly I’d rather see more HD channels added instead (AMC, Bravo, Travel Channel, Sci-Fi please).

    The programming on the NFL network is pretty terrible, other than the game once a week during the regular season. And even then it depends on the teams; if I really want to see the game that week I’ll go to a bar.

  3. Josh says

    While some customers don’t want NFL Network there are some that do. Then there are some that just want it for the eight games it airs. NFL is a popular sport and the viewing figures from games on NBC, CBS & Fox don’ t lie.

    While the NFL Network is asking too much in my opinion, 40 to 45 cents is okay in my opinion.

    In my opinion Suddenlink would have to put NFL Network in a package that available at no extra cost to at least 30% of their subscriber base.

    Cox’s Sports Tier passes 30% of its subscribers and 60% of its digital subscribers.

    Comcast’s Sports Tier only passed roughly 8% of its customer base. The new tier NFL Network is moving to on Comcast reaches roughly 33% of its subscribers.

  4. Profross says

    I’m ready to switch back to Suddenlink once you get the NFL Network. I changed to Directv two years ago because they have it and you don’t. You’ve lost thousands of dollars in revenue from me, and from many others. For some reason you think your fight is with the NFL. It’s not. It’s with your competitors — Directv and Dish Network.

  5. STEVE BAILEY says

    Please provide some updated information as to when this going to happen. There are many in Abilene that want the NFL network and do not want to switch to satellite. If you are going to be the elite cable company of the future, start working like it. Don’t wish for things to happen – go out and make it happen! The season starts in September.

    • SFYI Editor says

      Steve — Two of our senior executives met with NFL Network reps last week; they were encouraged by the discussion and — as I understand it — are expecting a promised proposal from the network.

  6. Glenn McCullough says

    I need you to get the NFL package or I will not be doing business with your company much longer. I also want the NHL package. Does anyone recognize the money I am willing to pay your company. Does my business and everyone else’s mean anything to this company?

  7. Bob Rakov says

    I will switch my TV from Dish to Suddenlink as soon as you add the NFL network.



  9. Mike says

    I just spoke with Suddenlink retention personnel as I was about to make the switch to Dish, he promised that by the start of NFL regular season games 2009 that Suddenlink would have a NFL Package, now understand this is not the NFL Network, but an NFL package that would allow you to see all of the games each week. I forgot to ask, but I don’t think this would include the NFL Network weekly game.

    • SFYI Editor says

      Mike — There was apparently some miscommunication. While we are working diligently to add NFL Network, what you’re describing sounds like “NFL Sunday Ticket,” which the NFL refuses to provide to Dish Network, Suddenlink, or any cable operator for that matter, even the largest of them.

      • Mike says

        Hmmm, well he specifically said with the Comcast break through that although there has been no official news announcement, that an announcement would be made regarding this package (whatever it entails) by the start of the new NFL Season.

  10. Bruce says

    Add me to the list… I would absolutely love to be able to get the NHL Center Ice through Sudden Link…

  11. tracy jones says

    my question is any news on suddenlink adding nfl network to its lineup they should do like comcast did and add nfl network to its lineup ok charge 25cents for the service ok for the package ok

  12. Chris Mc says

    Please Suddenlink, If you get the NFL network or any NFL package of some sort you will make millions of dollars and billions of people happy.

    • SFYI Editor says

      As I understand, the first regular season game on NFL Network is not until November. That’s our goal. The hold up right now is that the NFL is not offering us the same deal they offered Comcast — so we’re seeking alternative options in order to carry them.

  13. mike says

    would like to know when is suddenlnk gettng nfl network almost every cble company have it but this one why is suddenlnk so back in time

  14. Jesse says

    PLEASE get the NFL network on Suddenlink. I’ve waited for a long time and think not having it before Nov will force the Dish switch!

  15. Craig says

    Has there been any progress on getting the NFL Network to Suddenlink? I like the fact that I have everything bundled on one bill, but am considering switching to satelite. Another year of missing these games will force that switch!

  16. Christine says

    I would love to get the NFL situation taken care of, but I’m even more desperate for NHL Center Ice. PLEASE make that one happen.

  17. Joe says

    Ok, it’s now October! When do we get an answer?
    I don’t want to wait until the day before the first game to hear if it is going to be available or not.

    • SFYI Editor says

      There has been constant communication between the two companies on this subject as we continue to work diligently on a deal. We remain cautiously optimistic.

  18. Susan Perkin says

    Add my name to the list of those that want NHL Center Ice. I am thinking seriously about going to Dish or Direct TV in order to get the channel. If you can’t provide NHL Center Ice, can you at least put the NHL channel in the line up? I have cable in Tulsa and at least we have that.