DTV ‘Soft Test” this Thursday

This Thursday, May 21, many of the broadcast TV stations that have not yet transitioned full-time to a digital signal will participate in a national “soft test,” anticipating the final switch to digital broadcasting June 12.

During Thursday’s soft test, participating stations will stop broadcasting their analog signals for a few minutes at a time. Afterward, these stations will run a “crawl message” at the bottom of the screen, notifying viewers that, if they had a problem during the soft test, they’re not yet ready for the digital transition.

If you are not a Suddenlink customer but live in a Suddenlink-served area — and have not yet made arrangements for the final, permanent switch to digital broadcasting on June 12 — we stand ready to help. Contact us today to learn how.

If you are a Suddenlink customer but don’t yet have all your TV sets hooked up to our service, we’ll gladly connect the rest.

If all your TV sets are connected to Suddenlink, but you still notice picture and/or sound issues during Thursday’s soft test, please let us know. Our engineers will follow up with TV station engineers to address and help resolve issues on a case-by-case basis before June 12.