NFL Network v. Comcast

Suddenlink isn’t the only company that has a difference of opinion with the NFL Network. In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Comcast Exec VP David Cohen writes:

… Comcast wants to carry NFL Network, and we have been working hard to come to an agreement to do just that before our current contract with the NFL expires on May 1. In fact, we have offered to continue to carry the network under the terms of our current contract, but the NFL has refused.

You may wonder why. We’re asking the same question.

Cohen adds:

The NFL already makes more than $20 billion through long-term deals with ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC – more than the television-rights fees collected by the NBA, NHL, and NASCAR combined.

But the NFL wants more, and it’s trying to use its enormous market power to force millions of our customers to pay for games they have always seen for free.

We encourage anyone interested in this issue to read Cohen’s entire commentary; it’s well worth it.


  1. rob says

    While I understand Comcast to a point here, they can’t really be complaining too much. Remember they own CSN Phil, Bay Area, CA, Nortwest, Chicago etc. They have yet to come to an agreement with many other providers to carry their CSN channels (do a Google search for CSN Northwest and see the fights). In fact they are trying to raise their fees to DirecTV for both CSNCA and BA locking out many Giants and A’s fans… take this Comcast fight with a grain of salt……

  2. Josh says

    NFL does make a point about Comcast. For the channels they do own like their Comcast Sports Networks & MoutainWest Sports Network for example they also claim that those channels need expanded basic coverage not sports tier coverage.

    So Comcast should be re-evaluating that aspect plus NFL just wants to be available to all their digital customers from what I read. They don’t want on their expanded basic just their digital basic.

    Now with Suddenlink for example I see where the problem is since they don’t own any stakes in major sports channels. Me, personally, I don’t want the channel on expanded basic because it would raise cable rates anyway. Now I wouldn’t mind if NFL Network was offered to all digital subscribers and I don’t mean putting it one just the sports tier but include it on all available digital tiers.

    Now my friend who has Cox has their packages structured in a way that makes their Sports/Info tier accessible to more than sports fans plus they actually have digital packages that are better than Suddenlink (sorry guys but they are, I still like you though).

  3. kelly says

    I am willing to pay to watch the New Orleans Saints v. Dallas Cowboys. I have SuddenlLink in Alexandria, Louisiana