Suddenlink States

After a few delays, we’ve now completed “profile pages” on Suddenlink operations in each of the five states where most (nearly 8 out of 10) of our customers live and work. The menu page is here; and the state-specific pages can be found via the links below …


  1. John Hamernick says

    Suddenlink operations affects every customer. I know that technolgy isn’t perfect and there will be problems. However, Suddenlink has went the extra mile to remedy every problem there has been with any form of service. From the CEO to the service call out man, every worker has applied themselves diligently and remedied the situations. Hats off to Suddenlink!!!

    • Robert Workman says

      I would like to tell you how well trained and professional the two service techs that came and fixed my internet problem.
      There employee numbers are 51483,51513, I wished all utilities had service people like those two.

      Thanks, Robert Workman
      Beckley, WV