More HD in Paris, TX

Suddenlink is adding a dozen popular HD channels to the cable TV lineup for its Paris, Texas, cable system.

    Six of those channels — TNT HD (Ch. 740), Fox Sports Southwest HD (750), ESPN2 HD (752), The Learning Channel HD (756), Discovery Channel HD (757) and Animal Planet HD (758) — can be found on the Paris system’s “HD Basic” tier of service, available free to customers who lease the required equipment.

    The other six channels — National Geographic HD (768), Universal HD (769), HGTV HD (775), Food Network HD (776), A&E HD (778) and History HD (779) — can be found on the Paris system’s “HD Plus” tier, available for an additional monthly charge.

These dozen channels expand the existing line up of popular HD channels aready offered by Suddenlink in the Paris area, including four “HD Broadcast” channels, as well as ESPN HD, HD Theater, HDNet, HDNet Movies, HBO HD and Showtime HD.

If you live in a Suddenlink-served neighborhood in or around Paris, you can obtain more information by visiting the local customer-care office, or call us toll-free at 800-915-1863, or visit our main Web site and enter your zip code.