Suddenlink TV Caller ID Expands

The roll out started in NC last month and has since been extended to Suddenlink customers in West Virginia and Humboldt County, California, who subscribe to both the company’s phone and digital TV services.

Suddenlink is actively working on technological solutions that will help expand this service’s availability to more customers in more areas. Stay tuned.


  1. Jim Rogers says

    TV Caller ID is a TERRIFIC service! This simple, little innovation has made it worth every penny spent for SuddenLink Phone Service. No more needless chases to my phone when it rings to try and read the unreadable display on my phone to see who is calling. Now I know when a telemarketer is on the line and I can either ignore them or quickly and easily cut them off. Thanks so much for providing this seemingly minuscule service — it is truly a time and life saver.

    • SFYI Editor says

      Chuck — We are working on the details of an expansion of the service now and will announce those details as they are confirmed. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Linda Murphy says

    Is this available for the Princeton, WV 24740 area
    Caller ID // can I put it on my TV screen myself since my home has cable,phone & computer access?

  3. Eugene Boley says

    You have installed suddenlink phone service. It displays caller ID on the TV. Is there a program that will also display caller ID on my computer. I do have suddenlink broadband.