Very Cool: Caller ID on Your TV

Ever have this happen to you?

You’re settled in for the evening, watching your favorite TV show. The phone rings. You reach for the handset, but then realize you left it in its cradle in the other room. So you get up and run to the phone, check your caller ID, and discover it’s someone you just don’t want to talk to, at the moment.

It’s one of life’s minor frustrations that many of Suddenlink’s North Carolina customers will never have to endure again. Now, they’ll see a caller ID box pop up at the bottom of their TV screen, allowing them to make the decision then and there, if they want to answer the call … or not.

For the service to work, customers must subscribe to Suddenlink digital TV and phone. If they do, TV Caller ID is available at no additional charge.

The company is actively considering expansion of TV Caller ID to other areas.

Suddenlink is using Integra5’s Converged Services Platform (i5 CSP) to offer the new service. The i5 CSP helps video providers, video programmers, and wireless operators deliver next-generation communications and social media experiences to multiple consumer devices.


    • SFYI Editor says

      W.R. Flowers — We are not aware of any systemic issues with the service. Please visit our main Web site, enter your zip code, and click “Contact Us” for the customer-care center in your area. They should be able to assist you. Thanks.

  1. Odes Thompson Jr. says

    Home is in Clovis, NM – any possibility of getting TV Caller ID? I’ll take it I think. I have Suddenlink TV cable, internet service, and telephone.

    • SFYI Editor says

      You can get TV Caller ID if you have Suddenlink digital cable TV and Suddenlink phone service. Enter your zip code at our main site to get contact information for our customer care centers. You can contact them to learn more, order services, etc.