DTV Wave One, Done

A handful of minor glitches were promptly resolved and the first major wave of TV stations converting to digital-only broadcasts went smoothly last night, as predicted, for the nation’s cable companies and their customers, Suddenlink included.

We’ll continue to monitor to ensure a stable environment moving forward, but last night’s experience should increase everyone’s confidence in the remainder of the transition through June 12.

And of course, for non-cable customers who lost channels last night, Suddenlink would love to be your solution. Visit our main Web site and enter your zip code for informaton on how to reach Suddenlink reps who can help.


  1. Imee says

    Yeah, I heard that so many channels have already switched to digital signals but I haven’t really seen many complaints yet… I’m just thankful that my family has had cable since the late 90s and we haven’t got a problem w/ the DTV switch.