First Wave of DTV Cutovers Approaching

Although TV stations are not required to move to all-digital broadcasts until June 12, 300 to 400 of them across the country are expected to make the move by Tuesday night, Feb. 17 or early morning Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Suddenlink has completed all of the necessary steps to ready its cable systems for this change. We fully expect the transition to be seamless in the overhwelming majority of cases, if not all of them. Any random issues that do occur will likely be the result of TV station technical issues — e.g., the strength of stations’ final digital signals. To help promptly address any such issues, Suddenlink engineers will be diligently monitoring the situation, around the clock, and coordinating closely with TV station engineers.


  1. Imee says

    300-400 is indeed a large number. being a cable tv user, i don’t get affected, but i just wish that despite the “early” switch not too many will be affected gravely.