New Deadline for DTV Transition

It’s done.

Following up on the U.S. Senate vote last week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted yesterday to give TV stations until June 12 to discontinue their analog broadcasts and transmit digital-only broadcasts* — however, some TV stations have already completed this switch, and others are expected to switch by the original deadline (Feb. 17) or at some other time before June 12.

For households that have older TV sets and still receive their TV channels the old-fashioned way — via antenna — the new law and date mean this: If you don’t purchase and hook up an analog-to-digital converter box, or subscribe to cable or another such service, you could start losing channels soon. One or more TV stations might switch to digital on Feb. 17, and the rest at some point between Feb. 17 and June 12.

Bottomline: It’s never too early to get ready — and if you haven’t tried cable service but would like to, we’d be happy to get you connected. Visit our main Web site and enter your zip code to find information on how to contact us and schedule an installation appointment.

For common questions about the digital or DTV transition, check here.


* President Obama has indicated he will promptly sign the bill into law.


  1. Krissy says

    Is it true we need to have our channels reset or have our tv scan for the new channels each time one has been added to digital?