Customer Kudos

No company is perfect, but the Suddenlink team is clearly committed to doing what we can to constantly improve the experience customers have with our company. The good news: Some people are starting to take notice.


  1. Becky McCormick says

    When your charges increase or when you add a charge (Broadcast Station Surcharge-new this month) why don’t you let the customers know?
    Why is there just now a Broadcast Station Surcharge?

  2. SFYI Editor says

    Becky — we consistently notify customers of rate changes 30 to 60 days in advance. The most common form of such notices are messages on the bill(s) you receive prior to the change going into effect. For more on the broadcast station surcharge, reference this page.

  3. Virginia Parker says

    On January 29, 2009 after more than one hour on the phone, I was passed from one person to another before I was given Jason Newland. Jason was very patient, worked with me for close to another hour on the telephone. He was very courteous and wanted to solve my problem more than any person I have ever spoken with at SuddenLink. He is to be commended for the service he gave me that day and for his paticence and knowledge to solve the problem I had.

  4. sarah landrum says

    On June 5, the Suddenlink repair folks never came. I called back but couldn’t get Josh and a lady told me the service call had been cancelled but I was not notified of that. She was trying to help me when II lost my cell phone signal with her and could not continue to try to get the problem fixed. I called back and got Ron at x3225–another wonderful service rep–We spent over an hour while he tried various test and put through an order for a service call today June 6. The service man came and found problems with the cable lines and repaired them. Wish I could say it fixed my problem but no–I will take my compute in to have it checked–but at least we narrowed the problem and fixed things along the way. I am so impressed with your customer service and employees. Thanks so much. I won’t cringe if I ever have to call again.