DTV Delay Gains Steam

House Commerce Committee Chair Henry Waxman “says he expects Congress will delay the DTV transition date,” possibly until June 12.


In the meantime, Suddenlink continues to prepare for the still-in-effect Feb. 17 deadline, so that our customers can continue to watch TV regardless of the final transition date.


  1. bill traylor says

    Is suddenlink going to be broadcasting in digital signal on the 17th of february or do I have to go and buy the converter? All of my TV’s are on cable without any tunner or converter box. All my TV’s have what I suppose is a digital tuner. They are not the rotary type that where used in older generation tv’s. Can someone reply please.


  2. SFYI Editor says

    If all of your TV sets are hooked to Suddenlink, you will be able to continue watching those sets on Feb. 18. Our preparations are substantively complete and we continue to communicate with broadcast station engineers as the final transition approaches. You don’t need to buy any converter boxes.