Another Blow for NFL Network

A Suddenlink competitor limits distribution of the NFL Network — and a court’s refusal to overrule that decision results in the football network losing another four million households.

For our part, Suddenlink remains ready to work with the NFL Network, if the Network will work with us to find a way to make its channel available to those who want it, without charging those who don’t.


  1. nellie moreland says

    we would like the nfl channel. we should not have to pay extra. should be in the espn sports package??
    nellie moreland

  2. SFYI Editor says

    We agree with you, Nellie. Unfortunately, the NFL insists on charging extra for its channel and refuses to make it part of our digital sports package. More details here.

  3. SFYI Editor says

    Fifi — We’d like to offer that network and have had multiple discussions with Major League Baseball. While we have not yet reached a mutually acceptable agreementwith them, we will continue to consider ways to get there. In the meantime, virtually all Major League Baseball games televised in your area will be featured on channels that are already on your cable line up, including your local TV stations.

    • SFYI Editor says

      TC — As with the MLB Network, we’d like to offer the package you refer to but the most recent offer the MLB made to us was not viable for our customers, given the overall cost and other commitments MLB required for this package of out-of-town games.

      Fortunately, you will continue to have access to the vast majority of your in-market baseball games, on either local TV stations or the Fox regional sports network for your area, which I believe we already feature on our channel line up. We will also offer a full slate of national games on ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS and FOX. Thanks for taking time to ask about this subject.

  4. Eric Barnes says

    I would also like to suggest allowing your customers to have the choice of getting the MLB package. Please continue to negotiate with MLB so that we have this option. I enjoy the service provided by your company, and allowing me to view more baseball games in the package would be great.

  5. Mikemo says

    I second Eric’s suggestion….I miss way to many MLB games with cable…I would hate to switch to satellite but next season is fortunately for us “baseball nuts” is always just around the corner. Having the MLB option at a reasonable cost would be great.

  6. Greg Kirby says

    i would pay 3 to 5 dollars extra a month for the nfl channel. this need to get done. there are lots of customers out there that are missing good games on thursday and saturday.

  7. Mary Bryk says

    Is there any chance of Suddenlink offering MLB TV for the 2010 season? There are not enough games in my local market to keep my baseball craving satisfied. I am willing to pay for it and I am sure others would too.

    • FYI Editor says

      I have not heard any updates on MLB in 2010. As soon as we have a confirmed contract, we will publish the news. Thanks for asking.