National DTV Transition Tests Expected Jan. 12

We understand there may be a series of short, DTV transition tests on Monday next week, Jan. 12.

At multiple, variable times throughout that day — for a few minutes each time — participating TV stations around the country are expected to shut off their analog signals and rely solely on their digital signals. These brief tests are all part of the preparations for the permanent cutover to digital broadcasting on Feb. 17.

The vast majority of Suddenlink cable systems are ready for this test and the customers served by those systems should not experience any disruption. A few Suddenlink cable systems may not be ready by Jan. 12, but should be ready within days after it and well before the permanent cutover in mid-February.

Contact us if you’d like to get connected to Suddenlink cable to make sure you’re ready for the Feb. 17 transition. If you’re already a customer but only have some of your TV sets hooked up to our service, you can also contact us to get the remaining sets connected.