DTV Preparations

In various parts of the country, a number of TV stations are conducting early tests: cutting off their analog signals and relying solely on their digital signals — usually for a few minutes at a time. (See this story for one example, slated for Dec. 9 among Houston-area TV stations.)

Such tests are all part of ongoing preparations for the primary cutover to digital broadcasting on Feb. 17, 2009.

If you’re a Suddenlink customer and experience a problem during one of these temporary tests — please don’t worry. Suddenlink engineers are aware of these tests, are monitoring them and actively working with the TV stations to address any issues that result. Importantly: Suddenlink engineers are on schedule to have our company facilities ready for the transition on or about Dec. 31 — approximately six weeks before the primary cutover on Feb. 17 — so that, if customer TV sets are hooked up to Suddenlink, they should continue to work just fine.

For more on the digital transition, see this Q&A.