New Care Center Opens in Parkersburg, W. Va.


Suddenlink CEO Jerry Kent (left) joins W. Va. Commerce Secretary Kelley Goes for a ribbon-cutting at the grand opening ceremony of the company’s new customer care center in Parkersburg, W. Va.


Suddenlink CEO Jerry Kent, COO Tom McMillin, Atlantic Region Vice President Dave Bach, and approximately 40 of the company’s nearly 800 West-Virginia employees gathered Tuesday, with a number of state and local public officials, to celebrate the opening of Suddenlink’s new customer care center in Parkersburg.

The new facility — which will handle customer calls from a five-state area — was constructed for $3.5 million; offers 18,000 square feet of workspace; features state-of-the-art communications technology; and, fully staffed, can house more than 220 employees, more than double the capacity of the company’s prior facility in the area.

The Parkersburg facility is one of several such facilities Suddenlink operates. The others are located in Greenville, N.C.; Tyler, Texas; and Lubbock, Texas.

During his remarks at Tuesday’s event, Mr. Kent said his company’s willingness to make such investments was “one of the reasons why Suddenlink was recognized in the recent JD Power survey as providing the most-improved customer service.”