HD and VOD Expansions Continue

This week, Discovery HD, Animal Planet HD, and TLC HD were scheduled to be added to Suddenlink’s HD Basic line up in a number of the company’s cable systems, including:

Arkansas: Arkadelphia, Batesville, El Dorado, Heber Springs, Hot Springs, Jonesboro, Pocahontas, Magnolia, Malvern, Mountain Home, Russellville

Louisiana: Alexandria, Bastrop, Bossier City, DeRidder, Lake Charles, Natchitoches

Missouri: Branson

Oklahoma: Enid, Muskogee

Texas: Bryan/College Station, Huntsville

In addition, the expansion of Suddenlink’s VOD service — which started in September in multiple West Texas communities and reached Henderson, Texas, in October — will soon launch in the Suddenlink cable system serving Georgetown, Leander, and Pflugerville, Texas.

The company expects to continue its HD and VOD expansions through 2009, and will announce additional communities where these services are added, as that information becomes available.


  1. Laurence Keels says

    When will Georgetown get 42 Basic HD channels like I could currently get from Direct TV for less money? I am not talking premium chanels, just the good ones like TWC, TRAVEL, SIFI, TLC, Animal Planet, BIO, Speed, Versus, USA, Nick, Bravo, Fox Business, CMT, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, etc.

  2. SFYI Editor says

    Laurence — We are working to expand HD content and put as much content as possible on tiers with no extra charge, such as HD Broadcast and HD Basic. Our newly launched VOD service also offers additional HD content.

  3. David says

    I would really love to see Suddenlink add CNN HD and/or Fox News HD, along with the Weather Channel in HD. These are valuable channels too.

    The HD line-up in Alexandria, La isn’t bad, but still lags behind Dish and Direct. Though I am very happy with the cable service and of course the High Speed Internet Service.

  4. Daniel says

    “Our newly launched VOD service also offers additional HD content”

    The only additional HD content I see are HD movies that are pay per view.

  5. SFYI Editor says

    Daniel — Assuming you’re in one of our Texas systems where we’ve launched VOD, you should have access to some free HD VOD content today — e.g., last month there were several free HD titles available on VOD from We TV and National Geographic. What’s more, our free HD VOD content will expand over time as more cable networks invest in encoding their content to HD format.

  6. SFYI Editor says

    Donald — There has been very little interest in that channel, however, I will pass along your interest to those who make these decisions. Thanks.

  7. SFYI Editor says

    Bobby M. — I can’t provide a specific schedule, but I can tell you we are committed to expanding the availability of VOD throughout 2009, and we will make local announcements as soon as subsequent launches are confirmed for each area.

  8. wes says

    I have suddenlink in West Virginia and we only have 22 hd channels. I would like to have USA HD, FX HD, and MyNetwork HD

  9. Brenn says

    I would like to see ESPN News in HD in the Lubbock TX area. There is a difference in the channel format when viewed in HD.

  10. Trent Hawthorne says

    The fox business channel finder shows that sudenlink now offers Fox Business. Can you confirm this, I can’t seem to find any information on it through your website.

  11. S.C. Morrow says

    I would like Suddenlink to offer Fox Business. Why does Suddenlink not offer it while other companys accomodate for it?

  12. SFYI Editor says

    Trent — To the best of my knowledge, we do not currently offer Fox Business Channel. I am currious what zip code you’re typing into their channel finder that would indicate we are offering it?

  13. SFYI Editor says

    S.C. — I will make sure the execs who make these decisions are aware of your interest. Not all cable companies offer Fox Business. We continue to evaluate adding it, although to date we have heard virtually no interest in the channel from our customers, save you and a few others.

    • Art says

      I want to see the Fox Business channel.

      Judging from the numerous unanswered requests I am reading, it appears I need Dish or Direct satellite service.

      I wonder how much clamoring you had before you picked up CNBC?

      • SFYI Editor says

        Art — We continue to evaluate Fox Business Channel. However, out of approx. 1.3 million residential customers, so far only a handful have voiced an interest in this channel. Adding it would further increase cost for all customers, so we are being cautious in our approach.

  14. Patricia Wozniak says

    Just for the record, there are a number of us who would like Fox Business Channel in our area. Most likely few will not take the time to send a message indicating that, but I hear the complaints from family and friends. Also we need Fox News Channel in HD. Since it is the top rated News program on Cable, it would make sense to offer it in HD.
    As an answer for SC to SFYI Editor, the Channel Finder only tells us that Suddenlink is one of our local Cable Providers, but there is no channel listed for FOX Business – because there is none offered by our provider, which is Suddenlink.

    • SFYI Editor says

      Jerry — While I can’t tell you specifically when we’ll launch VOD in Alexandria, I can tell you that we will continue to expand VOD to new areas and will announce locally a week or so prior to the service’s availability in your area.

  15. Rick says

    Why are there so few HD channels available in Kingwood, TX 77345? I think will only have 19. Any chance of that number groing in the near future?