New Suddenlink Brand Platform, Campaign


“Easy” is the cornerstone of Suddenlink’s new brand platform, the result of extensive quantitative and qualitative research conducted over several months.

Suddenlink is introducing the platform this week with a new ad campaign and new tagline, “Easy as counting to one,” which replaces the prior tagline, “Life Connected.” (An updated version of Suddenlink’s award-winning jingle remains.)

“This is more than merely a catch phrase,” said Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jerry Dow. “Easy is an operating philosophy.”

After Dow joined Suddenlink in February, the company completed a brand health study that looked at the public’s awareness of, preference for, and consideration of the Suddenlink brand. Further research with focus groups of customers across the company’s operating regions tested a number of concepts. “Easy” was the clear winner.

“We are uniquely positioned to save customers money through bundling all their services with us via one call, one connection, one bill,” Dow said. “Today, everyone is pressed for time and looking for ways to save. Suddenlink can help.”

Dow describes the new ad materials as “different, to say the least, with an edge and distinct style.”

Suddenlink hired The Richards Group, of Dallas, to assist with creative execution of the platform, based on that agency’s proven track record of building brands for Home Depot, Motel 6, Corona, and Chick-fil-A.