Progress is Good

While we always have room for improvement, Suddenlink is clearly headed in the right direction.

According to the most recent JD Power survey results, we are far and away the most-improved provider of our kind.

Every provider that was measured in 2007 and 2008 declined in customer satisfaction except two — and of those two, Suddenlink increased the most, with a 62-point improvement in JD Power’s overall satisfaction index.

We are committed to continuing this positive trend through sustained investments in customer-care training programs, customer-friendly technologies, and more — all with the goal of improving the total experience customers have with our company.


  1. RK says

    My experiences with customer service have been great.

    Are you expecting to have more bandwidth for channel additions once the switch to all digital is completed?

  2. Skibum says

    I was having a problem with my internet going away for hours at a time then coming back all by itself. Suddenlink sent out a tech to check out the problem. and he said i needed a new modem.
    Fine so i bought one from him and he installed it. Long story short, the moidem did not solve the problem.. I called Suddenlink and wtihout any hastle they gave me full credit for the modem and even let me keep it. Yay for them… Now if they would only change the awful “hold” music on the telephone….

  3. DHC says

    Is Suddenlink planning on any HDTV upgrades in Greenville, NC? I feel like we’ve been left out w/ other markets getting Sci-FI, FX and USA HD…

  4. SFYI Editor says

    Daniel — I understand the Suddenlink managers in your area are actively looking into adding HD channels, but I don’t yet have a specific time frame. I will report back when I know more.

    Until then, I can tell you that video-on-demand could be launching in Georgetown and nearby communities within the next month or so, and there will be additional HD content available through that service.

  5. Shelby1076 says

    I know they’re planning on upgrading the download speeds in NC, but why no upgrade to the upload speeds? They haven’t been upgraded since Cox upgraded in 2004.

    Also why doesn’t Greenville have the same number of cable HD channels as all of the other NC markets? (Sci-Fi & USA).

  6. SFYI Editor says

    Shelby …

    We are evaluating enhancements to Internet upload speeds and actively planning the addition of new HD channels. We will make local announcements about those items once they are scheduled and confirmed. Thanks for your interest.