Almost There

As residents return to Galveston, progress continues to be made in other areas impacted by Ike, including Suddenlink’s hardest-hit communities: Conroe, Lake Conroe, and Kingwood.

Raymond Mills, VP/Engineering for Suddenlink’s Texoma Region, reports that Conroe and Lake Conroe are now 90% online for Suddenlink services and Kingwood is approaching 70%.

All three of these cable systems have construction crews working plant and fiber repairs. As power comes up and technicians run trouble calls, additional outages have been identified, caused by “connector pull outs, defective/burned electronics, passive devices, etc.” — all typical issues in post-hurricane situations. Our trouble calls currently range from reconnecting a piece of equipment to repairing a broken line running from a customer’s home to the Suddenlink network.

Additional technicians are being deployed to the three noted systems today, to help run trouble calls through the end of next week. As more power comes up in the systems and repairs are made, we will add/adjust our workforce as required.

In Kingwood, approximately 60% of commercial power has now been restored. Generators continue to be moved around there and set in locations where we have customers with power to their homes and/or home generators, so we can provide signals to them.

Conroe and Lake Conroe are approaching 100% for commercial power, and most plant repairs should be completed by the weekend if not before.