Gibbs Jones to Help Enhance ‘Customer Experience’

Suddenlink today announced that Gibbs Jones will be joining the company as Senior Vice President, Customer Experience. He will report directly to Chief Operating Officer Tom McMillin.

Jones has spent the last 17 years in customer-centric operations and initiatives, most recently as the head of a management consultancy practice, Global Service Connections. There, he advised and worked directly with media and communications clients, including Suddenlink, to improve the experience and loyalty of customers. Jones will now apply his leadership and expertise exclusively to Suddenlink’s operations, working with the company’s six region vice presidents and the leaders of its major customer-contact centers in North Carolina, West Virginia, and Texas.

“In today’s increasingly competitive environment, our relationship with our customers is more important than ever,” said COO McMillin. “Internal and external surveys suggest we’re making progress, but we still have room for improvement, and we’re excited Gibbs has agreed to help accelerate our progress in this critical area.”

Prior to Global Service Connections, Jones held various customer-care and related management positions at Tupperware North America, Comcast, Capital One, and Circuit City.


  1. Tony Terry says

    There are two issues with “Customer Experience” that need to be addressed.

    1. When customers contact customer service and ask for a quote to add services to their accounts, the representative should give the customer ALL the costs associated with the new services, (one time charges, installation, equipment costs, and taxes. And the quotes should be consistent regardless of which suddenlink rep is spoken with. This is currently not the case as I recently added phone and high speed internet to my account to “bundle” and get a lower price. I should have known there would be a problem when I called for a quote three times and got three different prices. So I agreed to a price and specifically asked if there were any additional charges, and I was told there would only be a $33.95 one time charge for a modem. Well after they installed it (which was rescheduled twice by suddenlink)I got a bill for $365.00 for all kinds of charges and am now being told that the monthly amount I agreed to was misquoted and I will now have to pay an additional $10.00 per month which I think is very wrong. (I am waitind for my next bill to see if this has gotten corrected.)

    2. As we are moving rapidly to HD programing, is there anything in the works at Suddenlink to offer a DVR with more storage space to handle the much larger HD programs?

    Thank you.

  2. SFYI Editor says


    Thanks for your comment. Please let me know via email ( if the billing issue is not resolved. I’m sorry you had to go through that — it’s definitely a learning/improvement opportunity for us — and the least we can do now is make sure all is resolved as it should be.

    On your second question, we continue to evaluate new technologies, including for DVR’s.

  3. Tom Mooney says

    It was sad that it took leaving a message on a blog in order to get a resolution to the problems I was having. But after numerous calls the Tyler, TX call center got everything all fixed … it still seems that Suddenlink has alot of internal training to conduct with its call center reps and change some procedures when you start receiving numerous call from the 800 number. Maybe some real time updating might help.

  4. SFYI Editor says

    Tom — Thanks for following up on this situation. We definitely have room for improvement, and with the help of Gibbs and others, I’m confident we will get there.

  5. Dustin says

    your internet is just great… thanks for everything you offer. the television and phone to.. well anyway just letting you know your service is great

    • SFYI Editor says

      Dustin — Thanks for the kind words and for taking time to share your experience with our services. We will do our very best to continue earning your praise.