More HD in TX, AR, LA, and MO


Continuing its 2008 expansion of high-definition TV channels, Suddenlink has added FX HD, USA HD, and Sci Fi HD to its “HD Basic” package in a number of south-central U.S. communities, including Branson, Mo.; Mountain Home, Jonesboro, Russellville, Arkadelphia, and Heber Springs, Ark.; Bossier City, Alexandria, and Lake Charles, La.; Bryan/College Station, Tyler, Gladewater, Henderson, and Jacksonville, Texas — among others.




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  1. susan yoder says

    anything in our town of Jacksonville Texas 75766 for “video on demand” in the near future? i have it on my remote control but that’s it,lol, that is the video on demand button,i would love to purchase a package of it as soon as it is available in our city.

  2. SFYI Editor says

    Susan — Thanks for your note. Though I can’t say today when VOD might be available in your area, I will pass along your interest to our team, and we will certainly announce the availability of that service, as soon as its rolled out there.

  3. SFYI Editor says

    PK — I still don’t have a specific date, but am now told we hope to expand the Nacogdoches HD lineup in 2009. Technically, that’s consistent with the less-precise “in the not-too-distant future” remark I shared with you before. Then again, 2009 is probably more “distant” than either one of us assumed in our earlier exchange. As I told another commenter on another post, if we could expand line ups simultaneously, we would — but for many reasons, a staggered roll out is necessary. We appreciate your patience.