Rebuilt from Ashes in Batesville, Ark.



On Independence Day 2007, fire destroyed the Suddenlink office in Batesville, Ark.

Employees perservered, and yesterday — just over a year later — along with customers and local officials, they celebrated the opening of their new-and-improved digs.

COO Tom McMillin congratulated the team on their accomplishments. The text of his note follows, after the fold.

July 10, 2008

To the Suddenlink-Batesville Team:

Despite the devastating fire that destroyed your local office a year ago, you bounced back quickly, with style, grace, and grit.

On behalf of the entire senior management team, I want to thank you for your positive attitude and strength in working through this difficult situation, and for your uninterrupted commitment to serving our customers. You have demonstrated the true spirit of Suddenlink — pulling together to overcome adversity and end up in an even better place.

We our proud to be on the same team with you, and we congratulate you on this exciting day.

Tom McMillin
Chief Operating Officer