More HD in West Texas and California


As part of its 2008 plan, Suddenlink continues to expand the number of high-definition (HD) channels available to customers.

Following HD expansions in Arkansas/Louisiana/Missouri and West Texas earlier this year, the company has further expanded its “HD Basic” line up (or “tier”) in West Texas, adding FX HD, USA HD, Sci Fi HD, and Travel Channel HD.

Effective July 16 in its Humboldt County, Calif. cable system, Suddenlink will also add …
* FOX 29 KBVU (Eureka) in HD to its “HD Broadcast” tier
* TBS HD, FX HD, USA HD, Sci Fi HD, and Travel Channel HD to its “HD Basic” tier
* History HD to its “HD Plus” tier.



Check here for more information on Suddenlink HD versus competitive services.

Check here for more information on the categories or tiers of HD channels generally available through Suddenlink HD cable systems.

Check here, and enter your zip code, to determine if Suddenlink HD service is available in your area.


  1. Maciel Pomales says


    According to your website, you provide cable tv service in West Texas and california. I reside in the Bay Area, in Hayward, California. Do you have cable tv service in my area?

  2. SFYI Editor says

    Jonathan — For many customers, FX’s and USA’s HD channels are actually quite popular — although, granted, not everyone agrees.

    We do offer ESPN HD and ESPN 2 HD in many areas. And, as an alternate to Discovery HD, we offer National Geographic HD in several of our cable systems. In terms of the others, we are constantly looking to expand our HD line ups and are actively negotiating with the owners of HD channels to establish fare rates for our customers. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Tony Terry says

    I live in San Angelo Texas and I am concerned that Suddenlink only carries one of our local channels (703 KSAN) in HD.

    I would like to know when we can expect to see our other local channels move to HD.

    Thank you

  4. SFYI Editor says

    Tony — Thanks for your question. Based on the latest information available to me, the other local stations are not yet available in HD on our San Angelo line up for one of two reasons: either because they are not yet broadcasting an HD signal, or they’re not yet broadcasting an HD signal that’s strong enough to reach our facilities.

    As soon as these stations broadcast HD signals, and do so with signals strong enough to reach our facilities, we’ll ask for permission to carry those signals. Furthremore, as soon as they give us permission, we’ll add their HD channels to our line up.

    Thanks again for taking time to leave a comment. We value the opportunity to discuss these matters.

  5. jonathan says

    Thanks for the response to my Discovery HD question, however you don’t really offer National Geographic on your basic or plus HD packages. It’s a single channel upgrade! And you can’t seriously compare NG HD to Discovery HD can you?

  6. SFYI Editor says


    I apologize for the confusion I created by raising Nat Geo HD. It’s considered comparable by some consumers, but not all. And you’re right that it’s not universally available, given certain provisions in the contract required by its owner, of which I was not previously aware. Again, my apologies.

    Getting back to your Discovery HD question, we do offer (in all of our HD systems, on our “HD Plus” tier) Discovery HD Theater (currently known as HD Theater). That channel tends to showcase the best of the best that Discovery offers in HD. That said, the main Discovery HD channel (the one that simulcasts the standard-definition Discovery channel’s content) is the subject of an ongoing, active negotiation between our company and the owners of Discovery. Our team was not able to provide me a timeline at this point for conclusion of those negotiations — there are multiple, complex considerations involved — but I at least wanted you to know that Discovery HD is on our radar screen and we are actively pursuing it.

    Thanks again for taking time to comment and ask these questions.

  7. Gary says

    I’m a new SL subscriber and live in Pflugerville, TX. I would really like to know if we will ever recieve Sci Fi, USA and KNVA in Hi Def. Thanks.

  8. SFYI Editor says

    Gary — As I recall, the Suddenlink managers in your area are actively looking into adding Sci Fi and USA HD feeds, but don’t yet have a specific time frame. I will report back, if that has changed.

    Regarding KNVA, I’m not sure that station is broadcasting in HD. They offer a digital signal, but I don’t see any information on their Web site that would suggest this digital signal is in HD.

    In addition to analog signals, which go away Feb. 2009, there are standard def (SD) and high def (HD) digital signals, as you may already be aware. KNVA appears to only offer SD at this time. In turn, we can only offer what they offer and give us permission to carry.

    Thanks for taking time to read our blog and submit a question.

  9. SFYI Editor says

    Gary — one other thing: KNVA-CW programs (like Smallville) might indicate on screen that they’re available in “HD,” but that could be misleading. Technically, the show dould be shot in HD and transmitted in HD from CW to its affiliates, but the local affiliate (in this case, KNVA) is not obligated to transmit in HD format. And again, for Suddenlink’s purposes, we can only pass along what the station transmits to us. Hope that makes sense.

  10. SFYI Editor says

    Lanier — Where we have contracts in place for HD content, we transmit that content in the format we receive it. In other words, if we receive it in 1080p, we transmit it in 1080p.