Beware the Latest Scam

Sadly, it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to take advantage of TV viewers concerned about the digital transition.

Herb Weisbaum reports for MSNBC:

… a company called Universal TechTronics is running ads in newspapers across the country that offer a digital converter box (up to two per family) for free. The headline is a real attention-getter: “Public to get free TV without Gov’t coupon!”

The ad, which is made to look like a newspaper article, says the Miracle ClearView box “allows any ordinary TV a superior quality picture, better sound and free digital network channels – all for free.”

The problem is you can’t get the digital converter box for free, even if you use the “Certified Free Claims Code” listed in the ad. You have to buy a five-year warranty for $59 and pay shipping and handling fees. That brings the total cost of the free converter box to nearly $100!

The Better Business Bureau issued an alert today warning consumers about this offer. “This is a bad deal they are pushing and it’s a bad deal anyway you look at it,” says BBB spokesman Steve Cox.

In short, as always, consumer beware.

The good news: If you’re a Suddenlink customer, you’re covered — you shouldn’t have to worry about anything related to this transition.