If You’re Happy and You Know It …

In the first verse of the popular child’s song, which we appropriated for the title of this post, the next line is “clap your hands.” In this case, we’re obviously not writing for children, and thus our request is a little different.

Instead of clapping your hands, we hope that — if you’re happy with Suddenlink broadband services — you’ll share your opinion by writing a review of our services at Broadband Reports or BBR, a prominent online forum for discussing and rating Internet service providers.

Like our peers and competitiors, Suddenlink has a presence at BBR, and the picture painted there of our company has been steadily improving over the course of the last year. That positive trend is the direct result of several things:

1. We finished our customer-impacting transition work in 2007, work that was required as we created one company from pieces of three.

2. We made a series of improvements to our local and national networks, enhancing the reliability and download speeds of our Internet service

3. We upped the ante on training programs for front-line employees throughout the organization. As is usually the case, more and better training resulted in better service.

4. We improved the overall value of our services by making the “triple play” of TV, Internet, and phone — and the associated savings of bundling those services together — available to the overwhelming majority of customers.

Granted, we still have room for improvement. We cannot rest on our laurels. To the contrary: We can and must continue to focus on enhancing the customer experience. That said, we also know the trends are headed in the right direction, as evidenced by internal customer surveys and the net growth in our business over the last year.

Accordingly, if you’re one of the happy customers, we hope you’ll take time to contribute a review at BBR. Blank review forms can be found here. And it’ll only take about 10 minutes of your time.

Thanks for considering this request.