Returning to Suddenlink

A customer of the Suddenlink cable system serving New Bern, NC, recently sent the following message to us, via our main Web site. The content of this message has been edited for space and to remove the name of the direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) company referenced in the customer’s correspondence.

“… I am a ‘returning’ Suddenlink customer. After being lied to by (DBS Company X) we decided to give them a try … We had been told at the time we contracted with (DBS Company X) that we would be able to receive network broadcasts (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) in high definition. What they DIDN’T tell us is that THEY do not provide local or network broadcasts in high definition in the New Bern area. For that we were told we would have to use an ‘external antenna’ in addition to the TWO external antennas they had already installed. Of course it did not work, so we cancelled (DBS Company X) and have returned to our reliable, excellent Suddenlink network high definition provider. Now (DBS Company X) has been trying to bill us for an ‘early cancellation fee of $250!’ … anyone wanting to watch things like the Super Bowl, The Master’s, the World Series, etc., in high definition will have trouble doing it if they are only using (DBS Company X). Their equipment also malfunctioned continually, requiring 15 minute ‘reboots’ of their receivers, to reach their customer service took forever, and we are SO happy to be back with good old, reliable Suddenlink … ”