100,000 Phone Customers and Counting


Suddenlink announced today that it now serves more than 100,000 phone customers (up from nearly 30,000 at the beginning of 2007) and those customers are placing approximately 2.5 million calls a day, more than double the volume handled last August.

In addition to quality, Suddenlink COO Tom McMillin believes a growing number of families are attracted to the company’s phone service due to the savings they often realize over phone service from other providers — savings that are most significant when Suddenlink Phone is bundled with Suddenlink Cable TV and Suddenlink Internet.

Prior to the 2007 expansion, the company offered phone service primarily in western Texas. Today, it offers phone service in 80 percent of its operating areas, including other parts of Texas, as well as communities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Carolina and California.

Suddenlink Phone uses IP technology to transport calls over the company’s own, private, managed IP-based network, never traversing the public Internet. As a standard part of its service, Suddenlink offers unlimited local and domestic long-distance calls, plus a set of popular calling features. Suddenlink Phone also provides automatic access to the FCC-mandated Enhanced 911 system and is compatible with most modern alarm monitoring equipment.

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