Welcome, New Readers

If this is your first visit to Suddenlink FYI, we’d like to welcome you and provide you with a little background on this site.

We launched it in December to help address common misperceptions about the NFL Network. Later that month, we used this space to keep our customers in and around Georgetown, Texas, informed about the loss and eventual replacement of NBC programming.

Since then, we have expanded our posts to provide information on a wider variety of subjects and will continue to do so, throughout 2008 and beyond.

This site is not designed to provide information on all things Suddenlink; rather it is complimentary or “additive” to our primary Web site. Generally, what you will find at this site is information of a “national nature,” relevant to all Suddenlink customers, communities, and stakeholders. Occasionally, though, as with the NBC issue in Georgetown, we will share information about significant local issues, or discuss a local or regional aspect of a national issue.

In the end, we hope these pages prove useful. And if you’d like to keep up with new content added here, please don’t hesitate to add our feed to your favorite reader.