When it Rains it Pours

Suddenlink continues its efforts to reach a deal with LIN-TV for the rights to add KXAN (Austin NBC) back to our line up. In the meantime, there has been a fiber cut identified between Georgetown and Pflugerville, Texas, affecting TV, Internet, and phone services in that area.

UPDATE 11:30 am, 1/2/08: The cut has been located in a span of underground fiber, and Suddenlink now has clearance to run a temporary aerial span to restore connectivity as soon as possible. We are hoping to complete that work in one to two hours, maximum.

UPDATE 1:05 pm, 1/2/08: Service has been restored to Georgetown and Leander. Suddenlink crews continue splicing fibers in order to restore full connectivity to all markets.

UPDATE 2:00 pm, 1/2/08: All active fibers have now been spliced and service should now be restored to all affected areas.