Status information below. Additional background information here. Also: see this report by Austin American-Statesman reporter Diane Holloway.

If you’ve recently visited the Web site of KXAN-TV, the Austin NBC affiliate, you may have noticed a potentially confusing message there about the future availability of this station on the line ups of certain Suddenlink cable systems. Here are the facts.

For customers of our Georgetown, Lost Pines, and Jarrell, Texas, cable systems:

Though our current agreement with the owner of KXAN-TV expires on December 31, we have been working for two months on a new agreement. We’ve made good progress on those discussions, and we still hope to finalize a new agreement on or before December 31. Failing that, we today (Dec. 28) asked the station’s owner to consider a short-term extension to our current agreement, so we all have adequate time to finalize the new agreement and so that you continue to have uninterrupted access to KXAN.

For customers of other relevant cable systems:

For customers of our Caldwell, Rockdale, and San Saba, Texas, cable systems:

You already have access to an alternate NBC station (KCEN). Please visit the home page of our primary Web site, enter your zip code, and review your channel line up to find KCEN’s channel number.

For customers of our Junction, Texas, cable system:

Since you are technically located in the San Angelo TV market, we are looking into the possibility of providing you an alternate NBC station from that market. Please stay tuned for more details.