NFL: We Don’t Want Our Own Channel

In Suddenlink’s ongoing efforts to make the NFL Network available to our customers, we sent a series of offers to the NFL on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Those offers included one that would give the NFL Network its own channel, widely available to Suddenlink’s customers who want it. We told the NFL they could make this channel available for free or set whatever price they wanted for it and keep all revenues from it, including all advertising revenues. Under that option, Suddenlink would have made no money.

On Nov. 27, the NFL contacted us to decline this offer and all others, reiterating that they would accept nothing less than the same $100 million ransom they demanded more than a year ago.

Suddenlink remains ready to work out a deal with the NFL Network at any time. We are also today asking the citizens and leaders of the communities we serve to contact the NFL and ask them to accept Suddenlink’s generous offer of a channel devoted to the NFL Network, widely available to customers who want it.

To reach the NFL, call: 212-450-2000.

To reach the NFL Network, call: 310-840-4635.

Check here for more information on the NFL Network.